27/28/29 augustus 2021

Miatas at Summertime 2022

Miatas at Summertime 2022

August 26th – 28th, 2022
Bergerhofweg 2
5953NR Reuver

The biggest and most enjoyable MX-5 meeting in the Netherlands!


What can you expect:

  • 3 Days 100% MX-5!
  • Admission € 30, - for pre-registration (then € 35, -) for which 3 days unlimited access to the terrain.
  • Camping stay included
  • Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast (extra charge)
  • Touring, There are several routes available
  • Car Limbo (all categories)
  • Show ’n Shine
  • Prices. including for largest company / club, participant who has to drive the furthest, best NA / NB / NC / ND (best of show)
  • Trunk sales (parts / models / clothing / etc)
  • Horeca square with a DJ on Friday Saturday night

It does not matter, standard or reduced, race car or rat, whether you come alone or with a club: everyone is welcome. A weekend long acquaintance with new owners and their loyal "steed."

With this event we want to bring all MX-5 / Miata / Eunos riders together. Regardless of which club they are, which nationality they have or which type of MX-5 they drive. Sharing experiences, driving beautiful routes, exchanging styling details, and above all having fun is the biggest goal.

As it were, to get to know the "horseman-on-the-horse".

Jinba Ittai !


    Right now we have



    Type MX-5number
      NA    198
      NB    130
      NC    67
      ND    103


      Belgium    35
      France    1
      Germany    212
      Luxembourg    1
      Netherlands    227
      Norway    1
      Poland    2
      Switzerland    4
      United Kingdom    15

Frequent Asked Questions

Below you will find a number of answers to frequently asked questions, if your answer is not listed, please contact us via the contact form, we will answer you quickly
  • Why has the name of Miatas at Sevenum changed into Miatas at Summertime?

    We have decided to change the name because the current location is no longer available.The location for upcoming editions is a 20-minute drive from Sevenum, we felt that the name Sevenum no longer matched our location, but to be able to use the abbreviation MAS we looked for an alternative.

    The new name of Miatas at Sevenum will therefore be Miatas at Summertime.

  • What is MAS / Miatas at Summertime ?
    MAS / Miatas at Summertime is an MX-5 event accessible to anyone with a Mazda MX-5. It doesn't matter if you are a member of a club or not.
  • What or who is Miata Team Holland?

    Miata Team Holland is a group of friends who try to organize an annual event for Mazda MX-5 enthusiasts.

    The Miata Team Holland association is registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 68007159

  • Are there any costs associated with the event or can I "just" enter?
    The entrance for the 3-day event is € 30 (pre-registration € 25) per car. This allows you to drive in and out freely during the event (3 days) and you can continue camping (2 nights).
We are here to help you.
When you have a question,
Let us know!

Impression of the new location


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